LED screens – No. 1 in outdoor advertisement!

LED screens which became No. 1 in outdoor advertisement as we can see around the world, belong to the most modern, most efficient and affordable commercial media of today and tomorrow. Commercial spots of various companies and services can be displayed almost instantly on many LED screens at once. The efficiency and value of such advertisement cannot be disputed. In comparison with other media, the launching of such campaign is very easy because you do not have to put up posters or repair them if needed. The possibility of editing the advertisement according to the needs of the client and fast production or advertisement are also advantages of this media.

Every businessman is interested in the price of such advertisement campaign. Campaigns on LED screens are not cheap and they require proper preparation and responsible consideration. The price is influenced by several factors:

  • The length of the campaign which can vary from 1 month up to one year with changes and updated content according to the needs of the client
  • The length of the advertisement spot, which takes usually from 10 to 20 seconds. The longer the spot, the higher the price.
  • The frequency of the spot – the frequency in one hour and in 24 hours is counted. The spot is usually played 2-4 times an hour, therefore 48-96 times a day. The higher the frequency, the higher the price.
  • The location and placing of the LED screen. The prices can be divided into several categories according to the location of the screen. You can expect higher price when placing the LED screen in the centers of big cities. The client has the right to choose the locality and placing of the LED screen according to their needs and the range of their advertisement campaign
  • the time period during which the advertisement takes place. The categories are e.g. working days, weekends, night hours etc. The highest price is paid for the time period during which we can anticipate the best efficiency of the campaign.

The price of an advertisement campaign for one month is usually between several hundreds of thousands CZK up to several millions. The volume of financial means that the client intends to invest and their requirements is subject to individual approach and personal agreement. The result is a mutually beneficial business contract between the client and the supplier - INTERNATIONAL TRUCKER Media&Marketing Ltd. Company.


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