Internet advertising and commercials

Track4youInternet advertising is done via our 16 automobile commercial and advertising servers. Automobile commercial and advertising internet servers TRUCKS4YOU make up a system of 16 servers which are mutually connected and have the same contents but each of them has a different, professional graphic design. The clients can therefore choose whatever server they like the best.


Automobile commercial and advertising servers offer companies and entrepreneurs free advertising with the possibility of enclosing as many pictures as they want. Automobile commercial and advertising servers represent a frequented online media. The system of servers Trucks4You was launched in May 2006 and it is a very easy self-service online system where after putting in an advertisement you can immediately see it on partner advertisement servers. The same applies to banner commercials when the banner in one advertising server appears in the whole system of 16 advertising Internet servers Trucks4you.

The whole advertising system is connected with the server of logistics company E-SPEDICE which has a database of over thousand transport companies. Its internet server takes up offers and demands of all automobile advertising servers and Trucks4You servers too via our commercial server Vehicles4You. 

  • Have your advertisement for free on 16 automobile servers, you will increase your chance to sell your second-hand vehicles, building machines and other equipment.

16 automobile commercial advertising servers

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