About us

International Trucker Madia&Marketing Ltd is a British private company with activities in the Czech Republic via its organization unit. This company was founded in Great Britain because of extending the business offer and activities to abroad, because of acquiring new business contacts which are substantial for a successful business activity of any company.

Growing globalization gradually changed the conditions of international trade and requires not only mutual cooperation between the companies but also narrow specialization and experience in the services which become more and more tradable. British company International Trucker Media&Marketing Ltd connects its business activities with experience of INTERNATIONAL TRUCKER s.r.o. concerning advertising, marketing communication and long history in business.

INTERNATIONAL TRUCKER, spol. s r.o. was founded in the Czech Republic in 1995 and it is best-known as the publishing company of Czech Trucker magazine and as a middle-man company in sale and purchase of trucks and vehicles and building machines.

International Trucker Media&Marketing Ltd in the Czech Republic will focus on advertising, marketing services and sale-support of business companies selling trucks and utility vehicles, building machines, spare parts for trucks and other business companies connected to this business segment. Therefore the company improved the quality of services in the Czech Republic especially in terms of extent but also in terms of professionalism. On the other hand companies which are not in the Czech Republic the company can offer help and advice in the aforementioned areas of services and help them settle in the Czech business environment and find good and trustworthy business partners.                               

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