CZECH TRUCKER (ČESKÝ TRUCKER) – advertising biweekly magazine for motorists

Profile and focus

Czech Trucker, an advertising magazine for motorists represents a printed advertising media targeted on the client group which prefers this media and find it good enough information service. It is fully in color and on a high level concerning the graphics and the contents. It is very popular with companies and entrepreneurs in international and home transport services. In this magazine there are adverts of salesmen of utility vehicles, auto-bazaars and companies dealing with transport industry. Special attention is dedicated to advertisement for new and second-hand trailers, buses, trucks and other transport vehicles, accessories, spare parts, auto-aggregates and other equipment and building machines, including services of the leasing company. Newly the advertisement is completed by companies selling auto-cosmetics, oils and various products connected to maintenance of trucks, utility vehicles and building machines.

Czech Trucker magazine has been in the market for 9 years, it has 116 pages and it is published biweekly in edition of 4.000 pieces. It has also its web pages: where there is an online catalogue. This magazine is becoming more popular and many companies are interested in having their advertisement in it. This is especially because they are affordable and offer the possibility of advertising for the whole year for a very reasonable price. The clients say that only long-term advertisement brings the expected effect, therefore most of the advertisements in Czech Trucker are long-term.

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